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massage therapyWhat clients are saying about their massage therapy treatment

G.G., 11/29/16
Raymond is fantastic. I always feel 100% improved after a session with him. Went in yesterday feeling 200 years old and came out free of  crinks and pains.

Guidi Gardali, 7/26/16
Raymond is a wonderful at his trade. You arrive all knotted and tense and leave relaxed and de-stressed.Be sure to go for thr 90 minuted or you will be upset with yourself

Katherine Rempel, 2/11/16
Raymond is a gifted, hard-working and knowledgable therapist and healer. I have been visiting him regularly to take care of neck and shoulder pain, headache and stress and I always feel so great after a session. I have had hundreds of massages throughout the years – and he is the best.

Billie L., 1/10/16
Followed Raymond from his previous employer and he’s just fantastic. He understands your aches and pains and makes sure he focuses on specific areas that needs more attention. I have so much neck discomfort and he has helped me alleviate the discomforts I have but unfortunately it’s temporary because of my accident but having Raymond as my therapist has been great.

Getsmmr C., 11/19/15
Been seeing Raymond for just over a year now and was more than happy to follow him to his new independent location. Raymond provides true deep tissue therapy for long lasting treatment of my various kinks and tight spots. He has an amazing grasp of physiology and the musculoskeletal system which is what makes him so effective. I’m sore in my neck from work and tight in lower back and legs from working out – he cures both.

He’s excellent at Swedish as well, if that’s your sort of thing.

L.H., 11/11/15
Raymond provides true deep tissue therapy for long lasting treatment of my various kinks and tight spots. He has an amazing grasp of physiology and the musculoskeletal system which is what makes him so effective.

Guidi G, 10/13/15
What a wonder he is. I always feel revived after a massage with him. I try to see Raymond at least once a month and I call that y happy day because most of my kinks a stiffness is gone.

Kimberly W, 9/29/15
Raymond is made of magic. I went in full of stiffness and pain and he found things I didn’t even know were hurting. I left able to stand fully upright and gained some mobility.

Kara Powis, 7/24/15
Raymond is an exceptional therapist. He incorporates several modalities to eliminate pain, stiffness and problem areas. I’m so glad I found him!

Kate Tierney, 7/13/15
Raymond gave me the best deep tissue massage I have ever had! He checked in frequently, asked for my feedback, and explained what he was doing. He gave me tips for afterwards as well. I am sore but it was well worth it! Thank you Kate

Gabriela S, 6/29/15
Raymond is an outstanding massage therapist. He is very experienced and has helped me to relieve tension from lots of travel and computer work. I highly recommend Raymond!

Ying W, 6/21/15
Raymond had been taking care of me since I was pregnant last year, when he was still working at Element Massage in Downtown San Mateo. I chose him based on the amount of good reviews on him and he did not disappoint! He is professional, sincere and cares deeply about his clients.

I’m so happy for him that he finally opened his own place this year. It’s inside a hot yoga studio, but pretty easy to find, and parking is not a problem. His website allows you to book and manage appointments online, very simple and efficient.

I came back for his deep tissue massage as soon as I got the green-light from my OB, and it is even better then the pre-natal massage now that I can finally lay on my stomach! Raymond caters his massage to my issues, which he could pinpoint exactly. Also, Raymond is fun to talk to but not in a chatty annoying way, which is a plus if you just want to relax and enjoy your massage. OK, I lied, deep tissue can hurt sometimes, but it’s the good kind of pain 😉

I would recommend this place and Raymond to anyone who wants a good massage experience. In fact, I just made my husband go on his website and make an appointment next week: as new parents we don’t have much time for yoga and Raymond’s massage might be the next best thing for now!

Ellen L, 5/5/15
i called in the morning and was able to get a session that same day, only a few hours later. my session would be with raymond, whom i’m told specialises in deep tissue massage.

upon arrival, raymond greeted me, took me to the private room, and i told him what was going on with my body and what i needed for our session. as a long distance runner, my legs are typically very tight and i need a lot of deep work done on these muscles. he began our session with about 10 minutes of stretching (clothed) for the quads, hamstrings, calves, and hips. these were stretches that included reciprocal inhibition, where he is providing resistance against my movements, which ultimately results in my muscles becoming stronger.

after the stretching, he left the room, i undressed, and got under the covers. when he came back, he began his deep tissue therapy, and let me tell you, RAYMOND BEAT ME BLACK AND BLUE! OMG, every stroke, push, squeeze to the muscles hurt like crazy! but i know that there was a method to his madness b/c i had something like this many, many years ago (but not quite as intense). i actually yelped a couple of times since the pressure was so great, but i knew that what he was doing was good for my muscles as he was pushing all of the tension, lactic acid, and toxins out of my body.

when the session was completed, i definitely felt sore in every place that he touched, but i also felt a sense of release. i did some gentle walking around later that day, to get some movement and fluidity back into my body, esp the legs, and i slept really well that night. the next morning, i woke up feeling like a brand new person. there was still just a little bit of soreness, but in general, my legs felt great and i felt like i was ready to run my next race.

THANK YOU RAYMOND for beating me up so that my muscles could be re-charged!

J.K., 4/30/15
Raymond was awesome!!! He was super knowledgeable about my sports injury and how to make it better. His deep tissue work was highly effective for shoulder and upper back. It was my first time at Elements and I will definitely go back!!

Amy M., 4/3/15
I have been to elements for regular massages and now a prenatal massage and they were both fantastic (I drive from San Francisco…they’re that good). Raymond was my prenatal and used pressure points to work out a lot of kinks…I mean ALOT. Both times he checked in with me about pressure and commented about problem areas which I loved. After the appointment he give you a kind of assessment of problem areas and recommend how often to come to fix them.

Roxanna P., 4/2/15
I purchased a groupon deal for 49 bucks online for a 55 minute massage for a much needed massage to relax and release some stress. I scheduled my appointment with Ray shortly after purchasing the deal and I had no trouble booking the massage within a week after purchase. Well let me tell you, Ray is really great! he went to work on the areas he noticed were tense and by the time I walked out of the massage I felt like I was ready for hibernation! haha. This was my first time getting a massage by a male and at first I was a little hesitant about it but I felt like Ray really cared about my well-being and kept checking in with me to see that I was getting the most out of my massage which I thought was great. After my massage with Ray, I know I will reschedule with him again. I feel so much better !!

Karen L., 3/6/15
The massage was of superior quality and the employees were very professional. Raymond made me feel very comfortable and provided me opportunities to give feedback during the massage since it was my first deep tissue massage with him.

Christine L., 2/13/15
If you don’t mind being a little chatty during your massage get Ray! He asks for feedback to make sure you’re not uncomfortable and warns you when he’s gonna go HAM on whatever really needs work. He found the crazy tight knots on my traps that no one else ever worked on. For the first time all year I can roll my shoulders without feeling my muscles protest. I really need to go back to him.

Lynn M., 1/22/15
If you need deep tissue massage, he’s relentless to work it out, plus he’s humble and kind. After a lot of work on very troubled areas (which he always finds), he likes to leave you with some relaxing massage. Full of knowledge. Fabulous massage therapist.

Lynn T., 1/3/15
My masseuse was Raymond and I got the best deep tissue massage of my life! I needed a deep tissue massage on this trip with everything I’ve been doing. I’ve had many massages in different parts of the US at resorts, etc. and abroad and Raymond stands out as professional and highly competent.

K. S., 11/19/14
Raymond took extra care to address my very specific needs that day. He knows the human body very well and was able to release my pain easily. It was fantastic to feel that the therapist was not just “going through the motions”.

L.L., 11/11/14
The massage by Raymond was fantastic. There was a miss understanding about my appointment and it was not book. i showed up and had to reschedule for another day which was an inconvenience. Despite the administrative mistake, I still like the service and quality of massage.

Silvia F., 10/18/14
The best massages I’ve received. Migraines gone in 3 sessions. Would recommend Raymond.

C.C., 10/16/14
Raymond was fantastic! He was very concerned about addressing my areas of tense muscles and helping to relieve my pain. I will definitely return and request Raymond. He also has a great personality.

V. K., 10/21/14
Massage was one of the best I’ve ever had and I’m a tough critic.

L. I., 10/20/14
Raymond is an excellent massage therapist.

S. L., 10/19/14
Raymond is wonderful. I can’t find any other one is better than his skill in bay area. Just my job schedule is crazy. I will be back for sure.

D. L., 10/19/14
He did a nice deep tissue massage and got out some pretty tight knots in my shoulders and upper back area.

K. I., 10/17/14
Raymond tailors his massage to address my specific health concerns and is helping to improve a chronic condition I’ve suffered from for years.

Isabelle L., 10/4/14
The two massage therapists I have used on my two visits, Raymond and Audrey (since departed, regrettably) have been excellent, highly skilled and not afraid to work hard to apply pressure in exactly the right places. Polite and professional. The right massage therapist is so crucial, if you can find such expertise you should stick with it.

Ava S., 9/29/14
My massage therapist was Raymond. He really knew how to apply the right techniques and pressures to ease the tightness I had in my shoulders and back. I like really hard pressure and also to be able to relax during the massage. I definitely recommend Raymond.

Susan T., 9/19/14
This is a BIG thank you to Raymond! This was my first massage with him and I was looking for someone who could work out the kinks in my over-worked legs. He was VERY knowledgeable and understood exactly what I was asking for. I especially appreciated that he asked about my pain level in tender areas and, even more so, I appreciated that he got my sense of humor and laughed with me 🙂 I will definitely ask for him the next time.

Chris B., 9/17/14
Raymond is the therapist to see for injuries and misused muscles. I’ve been returning consistently for the past 2 months to work through scar tissue and old injuries that were preventing full range of motion. It’s a process, but I am definitely going to continue for the next few months.

A. L., 9/13/14
Ray was fantastic. I had back pain before but not since.

Rob G., 8/31/14
I came in to get a deep tissue massage from Raymond, and was very happy with my massage. I told him the general areas to focus on, and he knew where to spend more time without needing my feedback. He was able to generate a tremendous amount of pressure, but eased into it to ensure that I was comfortable / satisfied with the massage.

A. M., 8/31/14
I have had 4 massage therapists including Racheal, Ben, Barbara and Raymond. I prefer deep, deep tissue work to longer strokes and found that Ben and Raymond suit my style very well. Raymond in particular has excellent attention to detail and has made adjustments and improvements from visit to visit as he gets to know my needs.

K. B., 8/14/14
I felt very welcome right when I walked in and the employees were extremely nice to me. My massage felt great and the masseuse kept checking to see if I was alright. He did an amazing job working on the areas I told him that were bothering me.

A. L. D., 8/11/14
The therapist I saw was great with my needs as a first timer. I had never gotten a massage before and he was great about introducing me to the process and making sure I was comfortable the whole time.

Lynn M., 8/3/14
Raymond was outstanding. I’m calling him The Glut Master!!! Friendly staff, clean and peaceful environment. Best deal in town!!

G. G., 7/12/14
Raymond did a wonderful job of loosening my “Knots”. Reception person was very positive and friendly.

C. C., 7/7/14
The lovely ladies at the front desk were absolutely enchanting. They came outside to greet me and offered to watch my little poodle while I get a massage I will always return to the spa. I also purchased a massage for a gift. Raymond was superb I will always come back and have Raymond. Thank u thank u .

Charlotte B., 3/17/14
Release of muscles I didn’t even know were sore! Very caring & intuitive! Felt very comfortable. He makes a 1 hour appt. feels like 2 hours; even gets to all areas and takes time on them! Great job! Release & healing of blocked areas. Very intuitive! Spends time on areas the person needs. Very healing experience. Thank you Raymond.

Shannon K., 3/5/14
I was so relaxed. Raymond also helped work on the tight muscles. I feel so much better now! Raymond is one of the best massage therapists I have ever had!

Diane S., 2/28/14
Discovered a few areas (2) that I did not know were bothering me – he discovered & worked on them. Addressed neck & shoulder wonderfully. Worked on shoulder, upper back & neck. Very smooth transition & very competence – pay attention to areas needing extra work on.

Troy B., 2/10/14
Ray, you are my “Go to” guy! Great job today. I liked the specific nature of the work you do on my legs using your fingers. Great new stroke on back of kneel to calf.

Julia S., 1/29/14
Love the stretching & tailored massage.

Destiny R., 1/28/14
He’s very good. Slow, deep, concentrated and explained each movement of the massage. I’m very happy.

Elaine D., 1/24/14
Really focused on my problem areas more than anyone ever has.

Diana M., 1/13/14
His healing touch finds areas where I was unaware of tightness (right shoulder) and then he worked on that area to release the tension. Released the knots in my right gluteus. I appreciated Raymond spent the time to work on my lower left back soreness and he made a huge improvement in releasing the tension in those tendons. He did a great job!

Keith C., 12/4/13
A surprising relief of my shoulder. I felt his confidence throughout and his ability to detect and adjust pressure perfectly. I appreciate his full competence in overall massage and in spending extra time genuinely intended in helping to release my frozen shoulder.

Malthias L., 12/2/13
Focus on both body sides symmetrically (time/effort) or explain if one side needs more attention. Very skilled hands, smooth, good pressure (balanced).

Mai V., 12/2/13
You are amazing at what you do. But when I just met you – I thought you were new & inexperienced – you rock! Both your massage skills & your energy work are AWESOME! Thank you so much for bringing your gift to the world.