About the Massage Therapist

massage therapistHello, I am Raymond Lim. I set up Terra Therapeutic Massage to allow more people in San Mateo and nearby vicinities to avail themselves of my unique form of therapeutic massage.

I can honestly say that what I do now is a calling. I used to be an electrical engineer working in companies in the Silicon Valley, but over the years I found myself increasingly called to healing and inner well-being.

I learned Qi-Gong healing from a Qi-Gong grandmaster from China more than a decade ago and am also a Certified Reconnective Healer (Level I, II, and III). From there, I went on to earn certification as a massage therapist from the World School of Massage and Holistic Healing in Pleasanton, California. I then worked as a massage therapist at a local massage studio and at a chiropractic office before setting up Terra Therapeutic Massage.

I think of my therapeutic massage treatments as a way of helping people heal and de-stress over time. I believe I am able to do so because of my unique combination of massage techniques and an ancient Chinese tradition of healing. My treatments are tailored to each client’s goal – whether it is pain relief from a chronic condition, or relaxation and stress relief, or both.